Shanghai Yinhai Cybertrade Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Yinhai Cybertrade Co., Ltd. is a private company that grows up with the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet. As a trade company, it mainly deals in the export of chemical products, artware and handicrafts, electric appliances, measurement tools, recreation & sports products, etc. For example: Glass Block, Artificial Plants, Handicrafts, Hardware, Toys, Pottery.

The company is characterized by its heavy reliance upon modern technologies, fast and convenient communications and a vast database of trading information. Keeping its motto-"time is money" -in mind, the company has been known for its efficient and quality services.

Since its establishment three years ago, the company has been prospering. Its products have been sold to clients in more than 10 countries or regions. The high quality of its products and its excellent business reputation are winning more clients for the company. As the saying goes, more is less. We are hoping to expand our business worldwide and establish a wider network of clients on the cusp of the millennium. We welcome any inquiry from you.

Your satisfaction is what we strive to provide.

We can be reached at:

Tel : (86-21) 5671 9141, 5671 9142, 5666 6357
Fax: (86-21) 5671 9140
Address: Luxun Mansion 12 Fl./ Suite H, 568 Ou Yang Road, Shanghai 200081,P. R. China